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Benchtop Fume Hoods, Get A Quote!

Benchtop Fume Hoods – Table Top Lab Fume Hoods Cleatech offers an array of benchtop fume hoods to meet a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications. To know whether a fume hood is a right choice for your application, here is a breakdown of what fume hoods are and types we manufacture. Benchtop Fume hoods are constructed with multiple parts and components that work together to limit exposure. They are available in plastic such

Inert Atmosphere Glove Box – Inert Glove Box

Inert Atmosphere Glove Box Functions Inert glove boxes are a type of controlled atmosphere glove boxes. They also called inert atmosphere glove box, nitrogen glove box, dry box, low oxygen and/or humidity glove box and anaerobic box. For an inert glove box to function, the internal atmosphere is removed and replaced with a purified inert gas. The most common inert gases are nitrogen and argon. Basic inert glove box is based on the gas removal
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Glove Boxes | A Guide to Buy Glove Box

Glove boxes are Isolated chamber with arm ports or gloves.  arm ports are arranged in such a way that the user can place their hands into the gloves and perform tasks inside the box without breaking containment. The most common glove box configurations are two-port (One operator) and 4-ports (Two-Operators). Types of glove boxes exist: Containment glove box such as powder handling glove box allows a person to work with hazardous substances. they are usually under
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Chemical Fume Hoods, Buying A Lab Fume Hood

A chemical fume hood (called also laboratory fume hood or fume cupboard) helps you being protected from exposing to hazardous contamination and cross contaminating harmful reagents. Do you need the extra protection, when working with flammable and/or toxic chemicals? So, you need an OSHA compliant, ASHRAE 110 certified chemical fume hood! Here is the guide to choose a right chemical fume hood: Types of Chemical Fume Hoods: The Conventional Fume Hood (CAV): One of the most
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Laminar Flow Hoods, A Guide to Buy Laminar Flow Hood

You are looking to buy a Laminar Flow Hood, Here are what you need to know: 1- Laminar flow Hood Applications: Laminar Flow Hoods (Laminar Flow Cabinets) are widely used in research laboratories, semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, and other fields such as sterile working procedures in mushroom cultivation, IV preparation, tissue culturing, and data recovery applications that are very sensitive to airborne contamination. Note: Most laminar flow workstations are not to protect operators and only protect samples from