Laboratory Equipment Catalogs

Our life science product catalogs feature lab and cleanroom equipment and furnishings for researchers and lab technicians. Cleatech manufactures laboratory equipment, cleanroom supplies including the laminar flow bench, desiccator, glove box, laminar flow hood and a laboratory fume hood.

Cleanroom General Catalog

Download General Catalog: Laboratory Equipment Price List

Lab & Cleanroom Furniture Catalog

Download Product Sampler: Lab & Cleanroom Furniture

Download Laminar Flow Hoods Product Catalog

Download Product Catalog: Laminar Flow Benches

Download Desiccator Cabinets Product Catalog

Download Product Sampler: Desiccator Cabinets

Download Glove Box Product Catalog

Download Product Sampler: Glove Box Systems

Fume Hood Product Catalog Quote Request

Download Product Sampler: Fume Hoods