Compact Vacuum Glove Box Clear Acrylic


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Vacuum glove boxes can handle 29.8 in.Hg negative pressure and are designed for anaerobic processing in a dry inert gas environment. It’s used in a wide range of vacuum application such as degassing. For an automated vacuum control, select a Cleatech VCU a vacuum control unit. For monitoring the oxygen concentration, you may order Cleatech portable Oxygen monitor.

  • 1” wall reinforced Acrylic construction
  • Overall Dimensions: 22’’ W x 18” D x 21” H (with gauge and valve)
  • Internal Dimensions: 16’’ W x 16” D x 16” H
  • Glove ports located on the sides to allow compact size
  • Two removable glove covers
  • Front Hinged door for easy transfer of large parts
  • Two vacuum valves with a barbed fitting for vacuum and nitrogen backfill
  • Two 8” OD glove ports that accept standard dry box gloves with 8” cuff size.
  • Vacuum Gauge 0-30 in for monitoring internal pressure

Additional information

Shipping Weight 110 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 26 × 29 × 26 in
Part No.



No. of Glove Ports

Chamber Volume

Main Chamber Dimension


Two-stage Continuous Duty, Rotary Vacuum Pump 6 CFM Tubing, Vacuum-Rated 3-A Sanitary Clear PVC, 3/8’’ ID, feet length Vacuum Control Unit, 120V/ 240V Monitors the vacuum level and automatically maintains a preset vacuum level (up to 29.8’’ Hg )

Epoxy powder coated steel stand with caster (including two locking). Available in 30'' and 35'' height with an optional upgrade to leveling mounts.

Dry box gloves/bare hand entry (IRIS port).

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