Downflow Workstation 24 inch


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24 inches downflow workstation a tabletop ductless fume hood from Cleatech, constructed from corrosion resistant polypropylene , features a removable stainless steel work surface for easy cleaning. The open front & open side frames of downflow workstation eases operator movement and allows two or more be placed side by side for providing a wider working area. Ideal for Forensics applications, Solvent and chemical preparation, Handling Pharmaceutical powders, Soldering electronics boards etc.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 33 x 49 in
Hood Type

Hood Width



Sash Style

Overall Dimension W" x D" x H"

Worksurface Space

  • HEPA Filter 99.97% @ .3µm particles for applications involving powders or dry particulates
  • Activated charcoal carbon filter for applications involving chemicals and solvents
  • Stand with Caster Epoxy Power Coated Steel, 30’’ and 35’’ High
  • LED light, External Mount, 120VAC