Isolation Laboratory Glovebox Four Port Static-Dissipative Acrylic 60x24x25


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2100 series isolation glove boxes offer a controlled environment for processing operations. When used in conjunction with a nitrogen purge control unit or any inert gas purging, isolation glove boxes provide a low-humidity and oxygen-free environment for handling sensitive samples, parts, and electronics. Isolation glove boxes are ideal for usage in laboratory, clean room, electronic assembly and other processing operations such semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • ¼’’ Thick Clear Static-Dissipative Acrylic.
  • Static dissipative coating increases the chemical resistance of acrylic when compared to non-coated acrylic.
  • Eliminates static charges keeping the dry box clean and it does not attract particles from the air. Surface resistivity of 106 – 108 ohms per square. Provides for ESD control without the need for ionization.
  • Excellent optical properties with no color tint.
  • Overall Dimensions (Main Chamber): 60” W x 24” D x 25” H; Overall Dimensions (Airlock): 11.75” W x 10.5” D x 10.5” H
  • Two access doors open inward (or outwards upon request) with stainless Steel door frame, hinge, one-piece non-Adhesive sealing.
  • Side door opening 10” x 10” (Upgradable to the larger door.)
    Removable back wall for operations involving large equipment. (Fixed by screw)
  • Two 8” OD glove ports that accept standard dry box gloves with 8” cuff size.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 150 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 66 × 30 × 34 in
Part No.



No. of Glove Ports

Chamber Volume

Main Chamber Dimension


  • Airlock pass-through transfer chamber minimizes nitrogen loss and contamination inflow. (Ordered Separately)
  • Gas-in port & pressure relief valve is required when using cold dry air (CDA), nitrogen or any inert gas to reduce humidity. Pressure relief valve provides safe pressure relief and helps to purge the moisture out the chamber.
  • Single or multi-cord air-tight cord grips, ranging from cord diameter of 0.08’’ to 1.25.’’ Ideal for power cord data, internet cables, USB, monitor & printer connectors.
  • Hospital-grade power strip with four power outlets.
  • Epoxy powder coated steel stand with caster (including two locking). Available in 30'' and 35'' height with an optional upgrade to leveling mounts.
  • Dry box gloves/bare hand entry (IRIS port).
  • Automatic purge control unit with RH or O2 sensor.
  • Digital Hygrometer
  • Oxygen Monitor
  • SAE 304 Stainless Steel tray/work surface, including grounding terminal. (Main chamber only.)
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