Nitrogen Generators, HFX-5


Nitrogen generator 76 SCFH flow rate at 99% nitrogen Purity

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Balston Membrane Nitrogen Generators, HFX-5

Nitrogen generators utilize proprietary membrane separation technology. The membrane separates compressed air into two streams: one is 95-99% pure nitrogen and the other is air enriched with oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and other gases. The generator separates air into component gases by passing inexpensive compressed air through semi permeable membranes, consisting of bundles of individual hollow fibers.

Flow Rate (SCFH) at 100 psig @ 68°F
95% Purity 96% Purity 97% Purity 98% Purity 99% Purity
279 SCFH 229 SCFH 176 SCFH 131 SCFH 76 SCFH


Atmospheric Dewpoint -58°F (-50°C)
Commercially Sterile Yes
Min/Max Operating Pressure 60 psig/145 psig
Max. Press. Drop (at 95% N2, 125 psig) 10 psig
Recommended Ambient Operating Temperature 77°F (25°C)
Min/Max Inlet Air Temp. 40°F/122°F (2°C/50°C)
Electrical Requirements None
Dimensions 116”w x 16”d x 50”h (41cm x 25cm x 91cm)
Shipping Wt. 106 lbs. (114 kg)

Additional information

Flow Rate At 99% N2



16"w x 16"d x 50"h

Shipping Wt.

138 lbs (63 kg)