One Door Desiccator Cabinet Amber Acrylic 24x24x18


  • Shelf Price varies based on the cabinet size

    • 70 $
    • 110 $
    • 120 $
    • 110 $
    • 60 $
    • 330 $


1400 series plastic desiccators are single chamber cabinets designed to store sensitive samples and products in a dust and moisture-free environment. Using a desiccant, such as reusable silica gel beads, 1400 series desiccators offer an inexpensive and economical solution for storing samples in a controlled environment.

  • ¼’’ Thick UV Amber Acrylic.
  • Ideal for general purpose processing but can be damaged by alcohol and some cleaning agents.
  • Overall Dimensions: 24’’ W x 24’’ D x 18’’ H
  • Adjustable-friction hinge.
  • Stainless steel spring latches.
  • Door Opening: 23.5’’ W x 16.75’’ H
  • Internal Usable Space: 23.125’’ D x 17.75’’ H

Additional information

Shipping Weight 55 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 32 × 32 × 24 in
Part No.



General Purpose

No. Of Chambers

Shelf Space (Usable Area) W"xD"


Overall Dimension W" x D" x H"



Amber Acrylic

Chamber Size


Access Door

One Side Swing Down

  • Gas-in Port & Pressure Relief Valve (¼” OD tubing fitting)
  • Gas-in Port with Stopcock Valve Pressure Relief Valve.
  • One-Channel Automatic Purge Control Unit (PCU) with one humidity sensor.
  • Flowmeter with an external valve mount. Flowmeter range is from 2-20 SCFH air. (Not required if you order a PCU.)
  • Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer (Humidity range: 10% to 99 % RH/ Temperature range: 14° F to 140° F)
  • Small Digit Hygro-Thermometer (Humidity range: 10% to 99 % RH/ Temperature range: 14° F to 140° F)
  • Perforated acrylic or static-dissipative PVC shelves.
  • Re-generable silica gel desiccant. 2’’ x 2’’ x 1’’ cartridge contains 45.5 grams of indicating silica gel that turns pink when the cartridge needs to be regenerated.
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