Open Exhaust Filtered Glovebox Two Port Static-Dissipative Acrylic


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2300 series filtration glove boxes are designed to safely and effectively control particulates in your laboratory by using an open loop airflow system. Depending on your application, filtration glove boxes can be factory-configured to either protect the operator using a negative pressure system or protect samples using a positive pressure system.

  • ¼’’ Thick Clear Static-Dissipative Acrylic.
  • Static dissipative coating increases the chemical resistance of acrylic when compared to non-coated acrylic.
  • Eliminates static charges and keeps the dry box clean since it does not attract particles from the air. Surface resistivity of 106 – 108 ohms per square. Provides for ESD control without the need for ionization.
  • Excellent optical properties with no color tint.
  • Overall Dimensions (Main Chamber): 35” W x 24” D x 25” H; Overall Dimensions (Airlock): 11.75” W x 10.5” D X 10.5” H
  • Two access doors open outwards (or inwards upon request) for negative pressure configuration. If an airlock is included, airlock doors open inwards. Doors include a stainless steel door frame, hinge, one-piece non-adhesive sealing.
  • Side door opening 10’’ x 10’’
  • Blower module, adjustable speed, backward curved impeller 480-CFM, permanently lubricated, automatic reset thermal overload protection, 120VAC, 60Hz, UL Listed; CSA Certified; Enclosed in a Polypropylene Housing.
  • Primary HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient at trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns. Filter media is ultra-fine glass fiber and is 3″ thick. The maximum temperature is 180° and the filter meets UL Class 2 flame retardant requirements.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 140 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 40 × 30 × 46 in
Part No.



No. of Glove Ports

Chamber Volume

Main Chamber Dimension


  • Secondary HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient at trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • ULPA filter is 99.999% efficient at trapping particles as small as 0.12 microns. The 3’’ thick filter removes contaminants from the exhaust gas, making it safe for indoor release.
  • Exhaust Carbon filter with activated carbon coconut shell
  • Hospital-grade power strip with four outlets that provide 110 VAC. Designed to be utilized within the glovebox workspace.
  • Stainless steel work surface or spill tray helps to limit surface damage. If you order a transparent glovebox with a stand, we recommend a work surface or spill tray to increase visibility.
  • Epoxy powder coated steel stand with caster (including two locking). Clean room compatible, the stands are available in 30'' and 35'' height with an optional upgrade to leveling mounts.
  • Magnehelic gauge 0-3" W.G. with polypropylene bracket to monitor inside pressure.
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