Static Dissipative Glove Boxes

Mini-Glove-Box-with-AirlockCleatech New ESD Acrylic Glove Boxes feature excellent clarity for see through applications and superior chemical resistance against many solvents and Isopropyl Alcohol, ideal for use in manufacturing and assembly operations.

Due to the unique static dissipation technology on the construction material which prevents electro static charge generation on the surfaces, Cleatech® glove boxes do not attract contaminants, helping prevent contamination in ultra-clean manufacturing operations. They are suitable for use in the semi-conductor, electronic, and micro-manufacturing industries and meet your cleanroom requirements.

Cleatech ESD glove boxes are also available in static dissipative polycarbonate and PVC upon request. They are available in small, medium and large sizes, two-port and four port gloves.


SD Glove Box Features:

  • Excellent optical properties with no color tint.
  • Surface resistivity of 106 – 108 ohms per square Provides for ESD control without the need for ionization.
  • Static charge control not affected by humidity.
  • Resists Triboelectric charging(e.g. effect is caused by the wiping the surface for cleaning)
  • Superior impact resistance harder than the regular plastic glove boxes.
  • Powerful chemical resistance. (e.g. no effect against Alcohol, Sulfuric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide 30%, Ethanol for 24 hours’ exposure and even Acetone if it’s a short time exposure)


Glove Box Options

Cleatech offers a wide verity of accessories, options and customization on the glove boxes to meet any of your laboratory requirements.

  • Airlock, Pass-through Transfer Chamber to minimize contamination inflowand inert gas consumption.
  • Stainless steel work plate with grounding port provides full conductive grounding and protect from surface abrasion.
  • Flowmeter to measure and control the flow rate of inert gas or clean dry air
  • Gas port fittings with optional stopcock valve and bleeder valve for purging.
  • Automatic purge control unit to control and monitor RH% and O2 level and also can provide constant positive pressure to block contamination inflow.
  • Cable feed through and built-in power receptacle
  • Supporting stand with optional caster / level mount
  • Anti-static and chemical resistant dry box gloves in Neoprene, Nitrile, Polyethylene, Butyl, Latex for different hand sizes.
  • Bare hand entry or IRIS port Allows protected access, without the use of long sleeve gloves and Best for work with delicate instruments inside the glove box where operations with gloves are not convenience.
  • Large access door in the front or side walls to easy transfer of large equipment inside the glove box

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