Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet

Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet by Cleatech

In laboratory use, the most common vacuum desiccators are circular and made of heavy glass that usually desiccant such as silica gel placed into the chamber for desiccation of moisture sensitive samples.

However, there are some limitations on these types of vacuum desiccators:

  • There are typically small and not large enough for bigger samples
  • Due to the round and cylindrical shape, the usable space is reduced and wasted
  • The desiccator lid must be greased or lubricated for optimum sealing.
  • Silica gel or other type of desiccant need to be used to absorb moisture. Usually No inert gas can be applied


Cleatech offers cabinet style vacuum desiccators (or vacuum Exsiccator) in the two following styles:

  • Type I vacuum desiccator cabinet with fully removable lid
  • Type II vacuum desiccator cabinet with front hinged door

The Advantage of Cleatech Vacuum Desiccators:

  • Designed to sustain high vacuum levels down to 29.9” of Hg (760 mm Hg or 99.9% vacuum)
  • No grease or lubricant required for maintain a good seal
  • provide vacuum sustainment in a cubic space
  • They can be custom made from 0.2 to 8 cubic feet (6 to 226 Litters) capacity for small to very large size samples.
  • Many standard sizes available for variety of applications.
  • Perforated shelving to maximize the storage capacity
  • Cleanroom compatible construction.
  • Constructed of 1” (25 mm) thickness clear Acrylic for full visibility of the objects from outside the chamber.
  • Feature nitrogen purging for application required inert gas atmosphere.
  • Available with accessories such as electrical feed through, vacuum gauge, vacuum pump and digital vacuum pump controller.

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